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About SRI Group of Institutions

Anantshri Vibhushit Shri Ravishankar ji Maharaj, the great saint, visionary and social activist is at the core of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutionspopularly known as SRI. The group has emerged as a torchbearer of higher education in Bundelkhand and Gwalior region of M.P.

Under the single umbrella of SRI there are five colleges providing world class education in various disciplines i.e. Engineering, Pharmacy, B.Ed. and D.Ed., Nursing and Allied Sciences. All the MP Institutes & colleges are set up and run by Shri Ramraja Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust, an autonomous foundation which is a registered charitable trust functioning through Board of Governors and Board of Trustees.

SRI, Datia now stands out and stands taller than rest in the region, as a unique group. It's beyond the syllabus course curriculum approach, innovative teaching, training and concept building methodology, holistic integrated action plan for overall development of student and faculty provide inspiring force for excellent growth of student and faculty.

Outstanding examination result of SRI, SRIians making to university merit list, large scale placement through campus interview in SRI and SRI laurels in sporting and cultural events-they all add many winning dimensions to outstanding performances of SRI. Above all the enormous strength of character SRIians draw from, social concern which is at the root of all actions, discipline and sincerity infused in their schedule and cultural and intellectual enrichment ensured in their curriculum. All these transform them into true professionals and worthy citizen as they pass out from SRI. So when you are joining SRI for higher education you are sure that you are joining the winning team. Here excellent career and good jobs are few of the by-products only. Our main concern is actually providing top class knowledge, professional wisdom and multidimensional skill with a strong character. Becoming a SRIian is surely the right decision for a bright future.

In the globalization scenario the education system has taken a revolutionary transformation. Though the institutions are coming up like mushrooms, every institution is striving hard to give the best of the inputs to the students. Now a days it is an obligation to the institution to nurture the students through soft skills and place them in appropriate organization

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions are situated at Datia, a very remote place of Madhya Pradesh, about 30 Kms from nearest city of Jhansi and about 70 Kms from Gwalior. It is an economically backward area of the region and majority of its resident villagers are dependent on agricultural occupation. Water resources of this area are very poor and availability water through well is available at a very low level. People dependent on agriculture are living under scarcity of water and on calamity such as poor rains or draught, farmers have to face a tough time throughout the year. They are usually dependent on their crop which is uncertain and their payment capacity remains all time irregular. They cannot afford to pay fee for higher education in single stroke for want of adequate funds with them. Students either request for concessional fee or demand for payment of fee in monthly installments which ultimately effects fund flow of the institutions.

Under the circumstances the Trust is left with no other option but to accommodate them according to their paying capacity and this also create shortage of funds. Thus paucity of funds is felt all the time. While these students are accommodated, no compromise is made by the Trust for providing them best facilities as per norms of regulatory bodies.

Promoters of Shri Ramraja Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust viewed this problem and since the Trust is concerned over the problem of the residents of this region were concerned for the development of the society, accepted this challenge in the year 2008 by taking over this group of colleges namely Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institutions in the year 2008. The group consists of many institutions. Most of the colleges that were taken over by the Trust are doing well so far their academic affairs are concerned. With the rigorous efforts of the Management now students' strength has gone high to a considerable extent and the Management is determined to go for accreditation through NBA or NAAC. A brief discussion of the colleges existing at the time taking over and that are proposed in coming years is given below:

1. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Technology & Science:

2. Shri Rawatpura Institute of Management Sciences (SRIMS) management

3. Shri Rawatpura Institute of Pharmacy pharmacy

4. Shri Rawatpura College of Nursing nursing

5. Shri Rawatpura College of Physical Education physicaleducation

6. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Science & Education science

7. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Polytechnic College (SRPC) polytechnic

8. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication journalism

9. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Sanatak Mahavidhyalaya (SRSMV) sanatak



  • Hostels
  • Transportation
  • Bank
  • Canteen
  • IT Services
  • Laboratories & Workshops
  • Library
  • Communication Lab
  • Sports
  • Technical Events
  • Safety & Security


SRI provides world class hostel facilities for boys and girls. We ensure that every student gets the homely feeling, with the best amenities and the desire to study hard more in a friendly atmosphere. Hygienic environment maintains good health of our students and results in their overall physical development. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. To guide the students and to monitor the day to day management of the hostels, each hostel has wardens.

SRI makes the best possible efforts to provide the finest services and facilities within the hostels. Following are the facilities

  • Separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Separate hostels for boys and girls.

Turning students to the real aspect of life, however letting them enjoy the comforts of reading newspapers and books, providing them nutritious food, safe drinking water, round the clock water supply including water heating systems, etc. gives them a feeling of being at home. All the above amenities when provided to your child gives him/her the special nourishment to concentrate in his/her career growth.


  • Rooms with attached washroom, bed, table, chair and almirahs.
  • Air cooler in every room.
  • Arrangement for continuous power supply.
  • Hot water in winters (scheduled timings).
  • Doctors and ambulances to provide medical assistance to students.
  • Power backup for light load only.
  • Newspapers and Books.
  • Mess providing Nutritious and Hygienic vegetarian meals.

SRI provides world class hostel facilities for boys and girls. We ensure that every student gets the homely feeling, with the best amenities and the desire to study hard more in a friendly atmosphere. Hygienic environment maintains good health of our students and results in their overall physical development. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. To guide the students and to monitor the day to day management of the hostels, each hostel has wardens.


SRI provides convenient transport facility with sufficient pick up and drop points that are suitable to all. SRI has its own dedicated fleet of buses to and fro the college to facilitate its students and staff commuting daily from different parts of city. Including Jhansi city, BHEL, and other surrounding areas.


SRI offers elaborate banking services within the campus premises. There are fully functional branch of Bank of Baroda. Bank of Baroda's branch in SRI campus which provides special loan facility for the students of SRI.


The SRI Campus offers an excellent Cafeteria/ Food Court which offer delicious food, superior services with innovative practices. The eating joints offer excellent multi-cuisine menus ranging from Indian to Continental and Chinese in a comfortable and vibrant ambience. One can find enormous range of recipes from pizza to dosa or even varied range of sandwiches, snacks, fresh fruits, sweets etc. Wide variety of fresh juices, cold coffee, milk shakes, and other beverages are also available.

IT Services

SRI is one of the few Indian Institutes, which can boast of its state-of-the-art computing resources and network across the campus. Following are a few highlighting features:

  • Completely Wi-Fi Campus with more than 100 access point, supported on the technology from LINKSYS and MICROTIK
  • 12 Mbps of bandwidth for internet with dedicated leased line
  • 500 + workstations supported by 50 plus Quad Core or Xeon based Rack/Blade and desktop Servers
  • 10 servers most powerful servers from IBM for 100% redundancy and efficient data management
  • 3 Km fibre backbone for providing seamless connectivity
  • Robust Networking solution implemented and maintained by the networking Giant" SRI"
  • Dlink switch to provide the needed scalability and traffic control
  • Dedicated and secured Data centre with powerful Blade Servers
  • High end firewall security featured network
  • 24hrs Power Back Up -1000 KVA of online uninterrupted power supply(UPS)
  • 100+ CCTV cameras for 24 hours surveillance to ensure on campus safety and security
  • High end Biometric systems for attendance

Laboratories & Workshops

  • The University believes in imparting strong practical exposure to its students.
  • Modern laboratories, workshops and studios are an integral part of the various departments of the University.
  • Each department maintains its specialized labs and workshops, equipped with modern equipment of industry standards.
  • The University keeps upgrading the facilities and equipment in the laboratories, workshops and studios to the latest industry standards, from time to time.


SRI houses a Central Library to provide to its students and staff a chance to explore a world of knowledge in a conducive environment. By making accessible a rich collection of print and non-print, primary and secondary material in various disciplines, the Libraries support the academic as well as research needs of thousands of students and hundreds of teachers of the Institute:
Key Highlights: The Libraries house a rich collection of text and reference books, journals, magazines, audio/videos, CD-ROMs, research reports, online Journals and databases and data analysis software, etc. in all areas of study in all disciplines.

Facilities Available

  • Library Membership: All students and teachers who join the Institute automatically become members of the Library.
  • Periodical & Newspaper Section: Every library holds a very rich collection of relevant periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Reference Service: Ready help and guidance is provided to all patrons searching for any book or other reference material within the libraries.
  • Xerox Facility: For the convenience of staff and students the libraries have Xerox machines to offer Xerox facility.
  • Cloak Room: The libraries have a cloak room for keeping the belongings of the students' safe while they are within the library premises.
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity: The libraries are completely Wi-Fi enabled to provide an easy access to internet.

Communication Lab

Effective communication skills are essential in every field.SRI has two communication labs which are state of the art learning tool pioneered by ETNL & Linguaphone21 that enable students to master any language flawlessly and effortlessly. This 100% digitalized tool enables linguists to maintain constant two-way communication with every student independently and offer precise guidance during session even in large classrooms through networked computers from the instructor's console. It Has: Teachers Console (Software)

  • ETNL language lab-teacher position is the control panel and monitoring control of the teacher console. Student Console(Software)
  • ETNL language lab-student position is the control panel for listening, repeating and comparing the lesson assigned in the class by the faculty at the student console.


With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, SRI emphasizes as much on sports as on academics. SRI encourages students to attain sporting excellence and provides all the necessary facilities and equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health.

The University offers an extensive range of sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session. Qualified staff and trainers deliver programmes for all ages, tastes and abilities, from Cricket to Yoga to Hockey to football. There are separate coaches for all the games who groom the students and train them rigorously to compete at national level. All the games have equipment of International standards which is accessible to all the students.

The infrastructure has been designed taking in the view of International standards with best facilities for sport persons. SRI top sports facilities are the following:

  • 400-metre all-weather athletics track
  • Football Grounds
  • Hockey Fields
  • Handball Field
  • Basket Ball Courts
  • Baseball Court
  • Badminton Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Kabaddi Courts
  • Kho-kho Court
  • Table tennis facility
  • Cricket Ground

Safety & Security

The Institute considers the safety and security of the campus members integral to its educational goal. To ensure the same a dedicated team of security officers and personnel has been hired.

To provide the students with a safe and congenial environment, the University ensures:

  • Drug free, alcohol free, smoke free and ragging free campus
  • Patrolling across the campus
  • Deployment of CCTVs across the campus for round-the-clock surveillance
  • Installation of Fire Safety Kits in all buildings
  • Fire Safety Team to ensure fire safety and train the staff and students the mitigation techniques
  • Separate security officers for hostels to make them a safe place to stay in for the students and staff